2nd Year – 1st Semester -2017

Module Code Module Title
HNDIT23073 Rapid Application Development DOWNLOAD
HNDIT23093 Object Oriented Analysis and Design DOWNLOAD
HNDIT23032 Principles of Management and Applied Economics DOWNLOAD
HNDIT23022 Project Management DOWNLOAD

1st Year – 1st Semester -2016

Module Code Module Title
HNDIT11012 Personal Computer Applications DOWNLOAD
HNDIT11034 Structured Programming DOWNLOAD
HNDIT11042 Data Representation and Organization DOWNLOAD
HNDIT11052 Database Management Systems DOWNLOAD
HNDIT11062 Web Development DOWNLOAD
HNDIT11072 Mathematics for Computing DOWNLOAD

2nd Year – 4th Semester -2016

Module Code Module Title
HNDIT24012 Computer Architecture DOWNLOAD
HNDIT24022 Free & Open Source Systems DOWNLOAD
HNDIT24113 Mobile Application Development DOWNLOAD
HNDIT2403 Professional Issues in IT DOWNLOAD
HNDIT24133 Web Application Development DOWNLOAD